Hi, I’m Rich.  I’m the wrong side of thirty but the right side of forty and after a successful ten years in education I had a ‘light-bulb’ moment… For years I have been wondering how I can use what is probably my greatest talent, illustration.  Then it hit me! An idea came into my mind where I could illustrate, exercise my creative mind and utilise the years of experience I have gained in teaching… So, back in January of last year I started sketching pictures for my first children’s book.

12 months on and I have finished it!  The artwork is drawn, the text is written and I have submitted it to numerous publishers.  I’m pleased with my book’s beautiful imagery, exciting storyline and cliffhanger ending.  I wanted to create a children’s book aimed at children aged between seven and ten years old that has a combination of picture book-style artwork and an exciting, adventurous storyline.

Now I am at the painstaking stage of waiting to see if someone will take a chance on me as a new author…  After twiddling my thumbs and pulling my hair out waiting for a while, I’ve decided to be more proactive so I’ve started this blog.  I will share the process I have been through so far and keep the blog up to date with any new developments…  Be back soon.

A man has an idea and a light bulb appears above his head.

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