Back in early 2017, I started to put something down on paper and as I am first and foremost a drawer (illustrator if I’m trying to sound professional), I began sketching.  Some may write first and illustrate later but that’s just not how I’m made.  I’ve had a sketchbook and pencil in my hand for my entire life and that is how I feel most comfortable.

The initial concept was clear to me so the sketches for the first four or five pages came out quite quickly.  After that, I took my time.  I knew where I wanted to start the story and where I wanted it to go so it was just a case of knitting it together fluently.  After each page I thought hard about the next and gradually built up my story.  Some parts just naturally came out but others needed more thought.  It was a long, enjoyable process which lasted a good few months.  Some pages were drawn and then completely crossed out, while others were adapted and changed.

I didn’t want to be too strict on myself by saying, “I must sketch a page a day!”  I figured this would be putting pressure on myself to force the next page when perhaps is wasn’t quite ready.  I chose to take a more mindful approach by developing ideas when they were ready.

Eventually, after drawing, rubbing out, drawing some more, crossing out, rethinking certain pages and drawing some more, I was finished.  I was very pleased with my final storyboard and I was ready for the next stage… going digital.

An artist's sketches of pages from their children's book.


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