After I had finalised my storyboard sketches, it was time to create a digital-art version of them.  I wanted to show any prospective publishers that I am professional and can create high quality, aesthetically pleasing artwork.  As there were over 50 original sketches, I set myself a target of digitising five pages a week.

A couple of years ago, I received a digital art tablet for my birthday.  I have used my tablet to create many pieces of artwork for various projects, such as wedding invitations, business logos, a book cover and concept art.  It’s very different drawing on a digital art tablet compared to pen and paper and it takes a bit of getting used to.  It really tests your hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.  Thankfully, the other early projects had really helped me to develop my skills and create art in a more modern way.

As I was still working full-time as a teacher at that point, I worked hard most evenings meticulously turning my rough sketches into colourful, vibrant images.  Initially, I wasn’t sure what style I should use to colour the images so I drafted five copies of the same picture in different styles.  I asked a small group of close family members to tell me which style they liked the best… the winner was unanimous.

It took several months to completely digitise the artwork to a level that I was happy with. Now that was done, I was moving on to the next part… writing the words.

A boy plays on his computer game until the power goes off and he sits bored by the candle light.
Oh no.


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