A cartoon of a woman lifting weights and a man on a treadmill. Lifting weights burns fat. Art by the author and illustrator of Sid Smart - the children's book about health and nutrition.
Weight lifting is good!

Weight lifting can boost your chances of reaching your fat burning goals! Some people believe it may be even better than cardiovascular exercise for reducing that waistline. Weight lifting obviously builds muscle and an increased muscle mass will increase your resting metabolism.  Additionally, the ‘after-burn‘ (an increase in calories burnt post-exercise) is reported to be higher after weight training when compared to cardiovascular exercise.

So, if you are trying to burn fat, why not add more strength training to your regime?*

For my fat burning goals, I have seen the following strength exercise regimes work well:

  • Power-lifting techniques
  • Circuit training
  • Super-sets

*Always seek advice from a fitness professional before embarking on a new exercise regime.

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