As you can see above, the book has had some excellent reviews.  Reviews really help with the ranking of the book on Amazon.  So, if you buy or have bought one, I would be extremely grateful if you could leave a review.

The first children’s book in my new series – Sid Smart – is available now on Amazon.  It is available as a paperback or eBook.

In Sid Smart – Eating, follow Sid through a normal school day and see how the food choices he makes affects his day. What will he eat? Will he have a good day? Will he have the energy to learn? Find out if Sid is smart when it comes to healthy food choices…

Using my knowledge gained through obtaining high-level qualifications in nutrition and fitness, I have created my first series of books – Sid Smart.  With charming illustrations and relatable storylines, Sid Smart will take children on a journey which will teach them how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Sid Smart – Eating is a picture book, suitable for all children from 3 years old and up.

Available now from and

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