A cartoon of a man sitting on an exercise bike reading a newspaper. The caption says you get out what you put in. Art by the author and illustrator of Sid Smart - the children's book about health and nutrition.
You get out what you put in.

I always have a little chuckle to myself when I see people enter the gym with a newspaper.  Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t train at the correct level whilst reading.  I’m not saying you have to always ‘beast’ yourself but even if you are doing low-intensity fat burning on an exercise bike, you should be monitoring your heart-rate or speed…  Training in the right zone is important and that takes concentration.

Also, multi-tasking is not very mindful.  I believe in focusing on one thing at a time so I do it to the best of my ability.

Sid Smart – Eating, the children’s book about health and nutrition is available now from amazon.co.uk and amazon.com.

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