Sid Smart, the character from the book about health and nutrition, eating a good breakfast and wearing a crown. Artwork showing the message 'breakfast like a king'.
Eat a good breakfast!

I’m sure you’ve all met someone who is trying to lose weight and skips breakfast.  Their theory is quite logical: ‘If I don’t eat, I will burn off my body fat rather than food in my stomach.’ Unfortunately, it’s not that simple…  The body has not eaten all night and not done anything, so naturally the metabolism has slowed down (that means the body is burning less calories).  Now, before you start tucking into that lovely lunch, you need to make sure your metabolism is back up and firing.  What’s the best way to get your metabolism up and ready?  Yep, a good, balanced breakfast! A good breakfast will jump-start your metabolism so you can absorb all those nutrients you get from your food and so you can burn off more unwanted calories.

Let’s say an average female basal metabolic rate (BMR) is 58 kilocalories an hour.  During the night your BMR may drop to around 40 kilocalories an hour.  When you wake there will be a slight increase when you get up and moving but it will still be lower. So, you’ve skipped breakfast and have carried on with your lower BMR when you have a high calorie lunch with your friend.  Guess what happens.. your metabolism won’t be able to adsorb all the nutrients and burn off all those unwanted calories.

However, if you have a had a good, balanced breakfast, your BMR will be raring to go.  You will have stoked the flames of the fire and you will be burning back at around 58 kilocalores an hour when you tuck in to that burger.  If you have an active job, BONUS!  If you have been to the gym, BONUS! Activity also raises your metabolism as BMR represents how many calories you burn at rest.

For all of you who don’t worry about your body fat percentage, you still need to eat a good breakfast.  You need a good breakfast to feel energised and ready for the day!  Don’t even get me going on skipping breakfast before training…

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