Digital art by the author and illustrator of Sid Smart – the children’s book about health and nutrition.

Orangutan digital art created by author and illustrator or Sid Smart - the children's book about health and nutrition.

Here is a piece of artwork that I did digitally on my art tablet and PC. Orangutans always remind me of the issue of deforestation. This is a huge issue with many habitats being destroyed. The homes of many creatures like the orangutan, tiger, elephant and rhino are being ruined.

See more of my digital art on my website’s new ‘artwork’ page.

Sid Smart – Eating, the children’s book about health and nutrition is available now from and

The children’s book Sid Smart helps children learn about a healthy lifestyle.

In Sid Smart, children can learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices.  In the first book, Sid Smart – Eating, Sid teaches children about the importance of healthy, nutritious and balanced food choices.

Available now from and

The cartoon drawing boy Sid Smart is walking and balancing along a banana in a fruit bowl. Author and illustrator.
Sid Smart loves fruit.

My children’s book about nutrition is available now (free eBook with every paperback)!

Sid Smart - Eating children's book cover by an author and illustrator. A cartoon boy eats a banana whilst smiling.

The first children’s book in my new series – Sid Smart – is available now on Amazon.  It is available as a paperback or eBook.

In Sid Smart – Eating, follow Sid through a normal school day and see how the food choices he makes affects his day. What will he eat? Will he have a good day? Will he have the energy to learn? Find out if Sid is smart when it comes to healthy food choices…

Using my knowledge gained through obtaining high-level qualifications in nutrition and fitness, I have created my first series of books – Sid Smart.  With charming illustrations and relatable storylines, Sid Smart will take children on a journey which will teach them how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Sid Smart – Eating is a picture book, suitable for all children from 3 years old and up.

Follow the link below to go to my author page and purchase Sid Smart – Eating:

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My new children’s book is coming soon…

The front cover of my new children’s book is ready and I’m just putting the final colours on the images.  I am eager to get this published as soon as possible but I am not rushing through the processes.  I must be thorough and do everything in the correct way.  Here is a teaser of the front cover; more will be revealed shortly…

A puzzle covering the front page of a new children's book, which is about to be released.
The front cover is ready.