My new children’s book is coming soon…

The front cover of my new children’s book is ready and I’m just putting the final colours on the images.  I am eager to get this published as soon as possible but I am not rushing through the processes.  I must be thorough and do everything in the correct way.  Here is a teaser of the front cover; more will be revealed shortly…

A puzzle covering the front page of a new children's book, which is about to be released.
The front cover is ready.

STOP climate change – scorched earth

A mother polar bear looks on at her cub as they are separated by melting ice caps.

Whilst my current book projects are ongoing and out there, I thought I’d do a picture about something that is concerning me: climate change.

I don’t mean to be preachy but is anyone else bothered by this? The stifling heat, brown grass, melting icebergs, rising sea temperatures, heat related fatalities, wild fires and extreme weather swings are concerning me more and more. The problem I believe is that not enough people think about it. Everyone needs to try to make a difference for this planet’s future; it is becoming more and more inhospitable and I’m not just thinking about humans…

Editing my book

After a full week, I got into work on Friday to see there was a visitor coming in to school to work with the children.  After seeing his name, bells started to ring as I realised he was the children’s author: Richard O’Neill. As soon as an opportunity arose, I introduced myself and asked if I could pick his brains about the world of children’s books.    He was extremely helpful and gave me some excellent advice.  He even asked to see my book and went through it with me during the lunch break.  It was amazing to get feedback from a successful storyteller and I was particularly pleased when he said he liked it.

So, the journey continues as I’ve now had more input, which I will heed as I go back and edit my book once more.  I’m on a long road but it is a very interesting one as I continue on the cycle of sharing my book, getting feedback and then editing it.

An man getting feedback on his first book from a successful author.
Excellent feedback.